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Founded in 2014, REVOPOINT aims to make 3D scanners more accessible and affordable to empower designers, makers, engineers, car enthusiasts, and many others to take advantage of time and cost-saving 3D models.

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Founded in 1997, Alibre has delivered professional, affordable CAD solutions for business, education, and hobby for 22 years. Alibre and its worldwide partner network power customers in 129 countries and every industry vertical.

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Need a computer designed to fit your CAD needs? Our friends at Solidbox can help you! They offer products that are optimized for CAD users, including desktops, laptops, and peripherals. In addition to products offered, Solidbox can assist with project-based training to help engineers and designers learn new programs and explore new functionality while working on their projects.

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Bringing you the BEST in 3D CAD YouTube content. Visit Joko on his Joko Engineering YouTube channel or at Joko Engineering – Making all your 3D CAD dreams come true!

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Spokbee's platform transforms CAD designs into market-ready products with unparalleled speed. Our marketplace solution empowers creators to connect directly with consumers and launch their products without traditional manufacturing barriers, using the latest in laser cutting and 3D printing technologies.

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Spokbee invites seasoned CAD designers to become beta testers for our innovative platform. Seize the opportunity for early access and join our complimentary beta trial by clicking the button below:

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